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Advanced Robotics

Ready to transform industrial operations

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Service Description

Program Description This program introduces students to the fundamentals and advanced technologies regarding robotics, including robotic system design and development, robot sensing and perception, robot decision-making, robot motion planning and trajectory generation, robot control, concurrency, and real-time systems, human learning. Considering the interdisciplinary nature of robotics, this program covers a wide range of electronics, mechatronics, physics, informatics, automation and control theory, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. This program will teach students the latest advancements in the robotics field, including robot skill learning, autonomous driving, simultaneous localization, and mapping. As an application-oriented program, this program helps students to develop hands-on skillsets on industrial robots and aerial robots. Students will develop and implement a set of techniques to solve practical problems by robots as part of their capstone project. Educational Objectives (EO) Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to: ● Understand the concepts in robotics and automation ● Apply the skills of problem-oriented sensing and actuation system design ● Understand the sensing fusion methods and conventional robot control strategies ● Navigate the entire pipeline using robots to solve real-world applications ● Understand robot skill learning techniques and implementation methods ● Understand the prevalent industrial robots Modules General Introduction ● Basics of Linear Algebra and Optimization ● Basics of Probability Theory and Statistics ● Programming Methodology in Python and PyTorch ● Introduction to Data Structure and Algorithm Design ● Basics of Signal Processing ● Basics of Machine Learning Image Processing and Recognition System ● Basics of Digital Image Processing ● Machine Vision ● Introduction to Deep Learning ● Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition ● Deep Learning for AI Robot Operating System ● Basics of Robotics ● Introduction to Deep Reinforcement Learning ● Introduction to Robotic Perception System ● Introduction to Robotic Planning System Practical Courses for Robotics ● Visual Perception Model Development ● Algorithm for Motion Planning ● Robotic Control System Development ● Statistical Techniques in Robotics Common Skills Training Capstone Project

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  • Los Angeles, CA, USA

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